Sage Archetype

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Sage archetype

Sage archetype

Sage archetypes are the world’s information sources. Sage archetypes love studying and understanding how everything works, and then sharing that knowledge with others.

The sage archetype is the world’s information packrat. They love studying and understanding how everything works, and then sharing that knowledge with others. They tend to lead with thinking and information over feelings. Their tribe represents the keepers of knowledge — thousands of years of librarians, scholars and truth-seekers. They use their intellectual skills to challenge conventional thinking and come up with new solutions.

The detective, shaman and translator subtypes tap into intuition and instinct to uncover alternative perspectives. They have the gift of interpreting and connecting patterns and evidence into meaningful and universal truths.

Sage Subtypes

Detective, mentor, teacher (see Caretaker and Everyman), scientist, researcher, engineer, doctor/physician (see Caretaker), translator, shaman (see Magician), expert, guru, old soul, scholar, wiseman/wisewoman, crone, librarian, nerds/geeks (see Rebel)

Core Desire

Learn the truth of the universe.

Your Goal

Find and analyze information to find solutions and universal truth.

Your Overarching Belief

Everything is a learning experience. The truth will lead you to freedom.

Your Promise

Provide wisdom and guidance to seekers.

Your Motivation

Find the answers to life’s questions.

Your Strategy

Seek out information and knowledge to share the truth with others.

Your Themes

Wisdom and independence.

Thrives On

Life-long learning experiences and sharing information with others.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Find the good and wisdom in all situations. Finding answers to the big questions.

Your Life Lessons

Engage people in profound and life-changing conversations about the universe and the nature of things.

Cultural Examples

Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall (Harry Potter books and movies), Gandalf (see Magician – Lord of the Rings books and movies), Athena (Greek mythology), Uncle Iroh (Avatar series), Rafiki (Lion King movie), Morpheus (Matrix movies), Mr. Spock (Star Trek series and movies), Professor X (X-Men comics and movies), Haymitch (Hunger Games books and movies), Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars series and movies), Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid movies)

Master Brand Models

Rosetta Stone, Harvard University, Wikipedia, Quora, Audi, Barnes and Noble Books, IBM, Intel, TED, CNN, Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Google, PBS, BBC, Morgan Stanley, The Smithsonian, Mayo Clinic (see Caregiver) Oprah Winfrey (see Caregiver and Ruler), Socrates, Confucius, MIT, Consumer Reports, Arthur Andersen, Proctor & Gamble, The Discovery Chanel, Deepak Chopra, Leonardo da Vinci, Caroline Myss (author), Stephen Hawking (physicist & author), Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist & educator)

Your mottos

“The truth will set you free.” “Just the facts, Mam.” “The truth will out.” “To know is to grow.”


Objectivity, critical thinking and keen powers of observation.


Knowledgeable. Intelligent. Factual. Humanists. Trustworthy. Wise. Not easily corrupted.


Perfectionism. Can be intolerant to lack of knowledge or education. Can come across as know-it-alls or being out of touch.


Your Fears

Being duped or mislead. Being ignored. Appearing ignorant or stupid.

Your Challenges

Studying and learning forever and ever, and not taking action or putting knowledge to work. Becoming too fixed, rigid or judgmental about thoughts, feelings and actions. “Analysis paralysis” or inability to make decisions instead of taking action.

Your Shadow Side

Ivory tower complex – The sage may become dogmatic and disconnected from reality. At their worst, they are self-absorbed and cold. They can cut themselves off from others. Living from the rational mind only and disconnecting from heart and feelings.


Power Words

Insightful, in-the-know, judicious, logical, masterful, perceptive, pioneering, reasoned, dedicated, detailed, discerning, disciplined, resourceful

Your Brand Voice

Deep, trustworthy, wise, decisive, scholarly, authoritative, articulate, educational, dependable, thoughtful, thorough, caring, composed, intelligent

Your Sage Customers

Are keen to use their minds and intellect to explore and learn. They are generally smart and intelligent and want to explore different perspectives of reality. Sage customers are the quintessential “nerds” or “geeks” who have to have all the information and data to make purchase decisions. 

They may not fit in with the rest of the world and prefer to live in their own little universes. They often march to their own drums, much like the Rebel archetypes.

Your Customers Feel:

Educated and engaged. Credible. Competent, smart and in charge. Supported and empowered to explore, learn and solve challenges. With you as their trusted advisor, they become empowered to put their learning and experiences to good use. Empowered to think for themselves.