Ruler Archetype

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Ruler archetype

Ruler archetype

The Ruler archetype knows that the best way to avert chaos is to take control. Rulers are practical and politically savvy realists who demonstrate expertise and ability to lead and delegate.

The Ruler archetypes knows that the best way to avert chaos is to take control. These archetypes know how to be the “top dog”, from knowing the right people, to making the rules for others to follow. They value control and being in charge, along with the prestige and wealth that accompanies their titles. At their best, ruler archetypes act as a role model for success and use their power productively, for the good of the community. Rulers are practical and politically savvy realists who demonstrate expertise, ability to lead and delegate.

Patriarch and matriarch subtypes combine the ruler archetype with the caretaker archetype in a role that is more family-focused on how relationships are created and maintained. Traditional monarchies use both the ruler/sovereign archetype and patriarchal/matriarchal subtype to maintain control and order within their own families or clans as well as the broader political units of government.

 The judge and ambassador subtypes can blend both the Caretaker and Everyman archetypes to successfully maneuver around complex issues, resolve disputes and manage or influence relationships. These subtypes exhibit excellent communication skills and high levels of discernment. The challenges of these subtypes are similar to the ruler archetype, in that they can be seduced by power and control to misuse their influence.

Ruler Subtypes

King/queen, CEO, boss, leader, sovereign, monarch, dictator, influencer, politician, executive, parent, patriarch/matriarch (see Caretaker), judge, ambassador (see Everyman/Everywoman), president (see Everyman/Advocate)

Core Desire

Control and power.

Your Goal

Build and maintain power. Create a better, more successful and stable world.

Your Overarching Belief

A rising tide lifts all boats. Improvements should benefit everyone, not just those at the top.

Your Promise

Chaos will be managed. I will protect and guide you.

Your Motivation

Stability and control.

Your Strategy

Prevent chaos by taking control. Make and enforce the rules.

Your Themes

Security and order. Leadership. Control. Power.

Thrives On

Making and following the rules and maintaining hierarchical structures.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Creating and maintaining power, order, stability and predictability for personal and common benefit.

Your Life Lessons

To leave the world better than you find it.

Cultural Examples

Zeus (Greek mythology), Captains Jean-Luc Picard and Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek series), Mufasa (Lion King movie), King Arthur (Arthurian legends), the Godfather movies, Cleopatra (Egyptian queen), the red and white queens (Alice in Wonderland books and movies), King Theoden, Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel (Lord of the Rings books and movies), President Snow (shadow side – Hunger Games books and movies), Sauron (shadow side – Lord of the Rings books and movies)

Master Brand Models

Margaret Thatcher (British politician), Winston Churchill (British politician), IBM, American Express, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, George Washington University, Queen Victoria (British monarch), Ralph Lauren, Microsoft, US government, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (US Supreme Court Justice), Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief, Vogue magazine), Michelle Obama (US First Lady and author), Qantas Airlines, Donald Trump, Hugo Boss, Rolex, Rolls Royce, Nelson Mandela (see Activist/Advocate subtype – Everyman archetype), Oprah Winfrey (see Caretaker and Sage  – media mogul)

Your mottos

“Power isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” “Large and in charge.” “There’s only one number one, and that’s me.”


“Take charge” attitude and confidence.


Responsibility and leadership. Confidence. Power. High status. Proven competence.


Can become inflexible and rigid in order to control. Can become obsessed with following the rules and sticking to a strict hierarchy.

Your Fears

Chaos, loss of power or reputation. Being dethroned or deposed. Losing control.

Your Challenges

 Being bossy or authoritarian. Susceptible to value judgements based on status and privilege rather than capability and accomplishment.

Your Shadow Side

Judgmental, arrogant and conceited. Using power to control others for self-interest. Susceptible to manipulation, games and greed. Controlling and entitled. (The evil dictator is the shadow side of the sovereign or ruler.)

Power Words

Confident, meticulous, prestigious, powerful, poised, discipline, successful, classic, diva, dramatic, fabulous, fashionable, glamorous, majestic, orderly, particular, principled, radiant, remarkable, reasoned, royal, sleek, smart, world class, witty

Your Brand Voice

Trustworthy, high status, traditional, authority, assured, best in class, classic, elegant, judicious, luxurious, polished, prestigious, respected, snooty, subtle, unruffled, masterful, measured

Your Ruler Customers

Ruler customers are influencers and dealmakers, or they aspire to those roles. High achievers, they are typically concerned with image, status or prestige. They enjoy high-status products and services that validate their power and social standing.

Ruler customers are looking for security, solutions, structure and success from a trustworthy source. They often expect first-class treatment and don’t like taking orders from others.  

Your Customers Feel:

Important. Empowered to succeed. Secure and protected. Inspired to achieve similar success. Better than others.