Rebel Archetype

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Rebel archetype

Rebel archetype

Rebel archetype

The Rebel archetype lives to challenge the status quo and break a few rules along the way. They thrive on independence and the freedom to do things their way.

The Rebel archetype is the non-conformist who has no desire to fit in, except with his or her own pack of rebels. Rebels are the ones who are always challenging the status quo and the rules. They are free-minded and free-spirited, and don’t let others’ opinions and rules get in the way of getting what they want. This is the archetype that thrives on independence and the freedom to do things their way. Telling a rebel “Because this is how we always do it” raises suspicion and skepticism and can make them feel trapped. Rebels don’t give a damn about fitting in or being popular. They truly don’t care what other people think or say about them.

In the revolutionary and activist subtypes, the rebel represents the voice who has had enough, it is time for change when things are not working. These subtypes meld the hero’s courage and strength, along with everyman’s compassion for the masses with their ability to challenge and change the rules. They are willing to make sacrifices and take strong action to make change happen. At its most mature and positive expression, the rebel archetype helps others to dispel fears about victimization and pushing the envelope.

Rebel Subtypes

Revolutionary, maverick, outlaw, pirate, iconoclast, misfit, wild man/woman, villain (shadow side), gunslinger (see Hero/Warrior), reformer (see Everyman/Activist), gambler, destroyer (shadow side), bad boy/girl, provocateur (see Jester), free spirit (see Innocent), troublemaker, rule-breaker, hippie (see Innocent), dictator (see Ruler – shadow side)

Core Desire

Independence, revenge or revolution. Move from feeling powerless and insignificant to personal liberation.


Your Goal

To change or overthrow what is not working.

Your Overarching Belief

Personal liberation is everything. The ends justify the means.

Your Promise

"Break free of the rules and live your own life."


Your Motivation

Rebelling to disrupt the status quo, preserve personal independence and freedom. Shaking things up just to shake things up.

Your Strategy

Disrupt, destroy or shock. Destroy what exists to create new.

Your Themes

I have the right to protect and do what I believe is right.

Thrives On

Being the thrill and risk-taking factor, making change happen. Finding ways to break or bend rules. Taking risks to fix things. Can’t resist proving others wrong.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Being able to express personal independence and freedom in non-conventional ways. Challenging and changing the status quo to be the pioneers of change.

Your Life Lessons

Get rid of self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits and mindset that no longer work for us and get in the way to what we want. Learn to act with purpose.

Cultural Examples

Robin Hood (British outlaw), Zorro (Zorro movies), Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean movies), Han Solo (Star Wars movies), Joker (Batman comics and movies), Sirius Black (Harry Potter books and movies), Wolverine (comics and movies), Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Out movie), Elle Woods (Legally Blonde movies), Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter books), Darth Vader (Star Wars movies), Kora (see Everywoman/Activist  – Avatar animation series), Batman (see Hero – Batman DC comics and movies) Caesar (see Ruler – Planet of the Apes movies), Voldemort (see Ruler – Harry Potter books and movies), Sauron (see Ruler – Lord of the Rings books and movies), Loki (also Jester –  Norse mythology), Thomas (Maze Runner books and movies), Naruto (see Jester – Naruto manga and animae series), Dirty Harry movies

Master Brand Models

Madonna (singer/actress), Malcolm X, James Dean (actor), Harley Davidson motorcycles, Vladimir Lenin, Che Guevara, Rolling Stone magazine, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Bonnie and Clyde, Howard Stern (talk show host), Marlborough cigarettes, Jack Daniels whiskey, MTV, Jack Nicholson (actor),  Hard Candy beauty products, Unabomber, street wear clothing, William Wallace (Braveheart movie), Tea Party Movement (US political group), Gloria Steinem (feminist author and activist), Rush Limbaugh (US politician), Diesel jeans, Virgin airlines, PETA, Snarky Tea, Red Bull, Lady Gaga (singer), Miley Cyrus (singer), Clint Eastwood (actor)

Your mottos

“My way or the highway.” “Steal from the rich and give to the poor.” “Rules were made to be broken.” "Make my day."


Radical freedom. Liberation. Will power. Confidence.


Independent. Defiant. Gritty. Rule-breaker to the core. Free-thinking. Disruptive. Non-conformist.


Being overly critical or rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious. "Lone wolf" who refuses to collaborate with others.

Your Fears

Powerlessness. To be destroyed or trapped. Being ineffective. Boredom. Being viewed as traditional or common.

Your Challenges

Alienation, willingness to victimize others to get what you want or get even.

Your Shadow Side

Susceptible to being fueled by hate or anger. Negativity. Criminal behavior or lawlessness. Fanaticism. Lack of moral compass or self-awareness. Disregard for consequences.

Power Words

Freedom, independence, power, energy, boldness, excitement, speed, achieve, renegade, determined, visionary, genuine

Your Brand Voice

Candid, straight-shooting, bold, controversial, polarizing, defiant, anti-mainstream, unapologetic, youthful, rebellious, unconventional, resourceful, street savvy

Your Rebel Customers

Identify as being outsiders, not a part of mainstream society. They prize their freedom and independence. Enjoy being controversial and disruptive. Want to feel that they are in control, not part of some group mind-think. They relish experimenting and trying new things.

Rebel customers can get their kicks from engaging in risky, non-conformist behaviors. They may want to explore their wild or shadow sides.

Your Customers Feel Empowered to:

To raise hell and make changes happen. Take risks and stir the pot. Thumb their noses at mainstream society. Take risks to fulfill their desires. Liberate themselves and others and break free. Feel the support and camaraderie that they think they deserve but never got. Regain their sense of power and control.