Craft Your Perfect Offer Program Module 5

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In CRAFT YOUR PERFECT OFFER PROGRAM – MODULE 5, you will build the right launch and promotion plan for your perfect offerings. You will prepare and test offers to your ideal target clients. Finally, you will learn how to measure and evaluate your results, so that you are always learning, changing, and testing as part of your product launches.

You will create your perfect offers and a simple marketing system that makes sure that you have everything you need to successfully market and deliver.

You will build your own simple launch and promotion plan that includes:

  • Creating targeted customer lists for your perfect offer
  • Selecting the right channels and media to promote your offer
  • Learning how to integrate your channels and media (social media platforms, emails, newsletters, postcards, phone calls and website, etc.) to create cohesive, powerful campaigns
  • Building the right marketing materials to promote your offers
  • Launching and measuring your results so that you can change and adapt and continue to successfully market your next wave of products and services.

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