Craft Your Perfect Offer Program Module 4

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In CRAFT YOUR PERFECT OFFER PROGRAM – MODULE 4, you will learn how to do a Gap | Fit Analysis using what you have discovered from talking with your clients and doing your own basic competitive research. The Gap | Fit spreadsheet will tell you if your product and service offerings are a good fit for your preferred clients, or if you need to rework existing ones, or create new ones.

You will develop your own Gap | Fit Analysis from your business perspective and from your customers’ perspectives to determine:

  • Do you need to craft new products/services?
  • Can you adapt what you have – repurpose?
  • Are you capable of delivering what they need?
  • Are you pricing your products and services correctly?
  • Do your products span the appropriate range needed for your sales funnel(s)? (From quick impulse sales/loss leaders to longer-term/higher-priced products/services)

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