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Guide to Finding Your Perfect Customer


This 92-page workbook with exercises will help you craft the perfect customer persona and put it to work. The step-by-step exercises and templates will walk you through the process of collecting and organizing all the information you need to build marketing content and messaging that resonates with your prospects and customers.

Stop throwing your marketing money and energy down the drain on zombie marketing activities. Take a big step forward in building an efficient, successful marketing system by creating your very own customer persona. Before you invest more money and time on marketing activities, make sure that you are talking to the right customer for your business.

With a customer persona, you have all the information you need at your fingertips to build amazing messaging, content that resonates with your prospects and customers. AND you have identified the best way to connect to them.

The Marketing Mevyn’s Guide to Finding Your Perfect Customer walks through 6 short and easy-to-understand buckets of information that show you how to build rock-solid customer personas. You get a short back story on why each bucket is important, based on my decades of creating, testing and improving customer personas in real-world business combat zones where only the fittest survive. No pie-in-the-sky academic theory with lots of marketing jargon—just practical how-to advice distilled from my own experience and best practices learned from industry leaders.

Contents for the Persona Guide

Here’s what I cover:

Bucket #1. Identify your customer’s top driving forces:

  • Critical wants, desires and motivators for buying
  • Your most important benefits and value to your customer
  • Handling customer objections and competitors

Bucket #2. Identify who you really want as a customer (not all customers are created equal)

  • Your 10 ten list of favorite customers you would like to clone
  • Physical characteristics (demographics)
  • Emotional and psychological characteristics (psychographics)

Bucket #3. Buying behavior—How your customer makes a buying decision

  • Behaviors based on attitudes towards spending money
  • Behaviors based on motivation

Bucket #4. Understanding and mapping your customer’s buying journey. If you only complete one section, make sure this is the one!

Bucket #5. Determining your customer’s monetary value. Here’s a short exercise to help you figure out your customer’s lifetime value (LTV) and cost of acquisition (CAC—how much money did you have to spend to get this customer?)

Bucket #6. Your customer’s communication preferences. Learn how to get in synch with how your customer talks, so you can speak using the words and phrases that they resonate with. Identify their favorite ways to communicate.

Plus, a BONUS BUCKET on generational communication preferences. Can you speak Gen Z yet?

What’s included in the persona guide bundle:

  • 92-page illustrated, interactive workbook with exercises
  • FREE templates to complete your customer persona. Templates come in two versions:
  • Interactive quickstart template that captures the basics. Get on your way to marketing heaven in less than an hour.
  • Short and sweet 2-page interactive version that is compact and to the point. It captures the essential details outlined in each of the buckets above. I have created two versions: one for business-to-consumer customers, and another for business-to-business customers. Fill in and save as a digital document or print and complete with writing weapon of your choice. (You can craft this one in a couple of hours or less if you stay focused and have your info at hand.)
  • Beefy, detailed interactive version with all the toppings and sides. Go hog wild and channel your inner customer to build an industrial-strength customer persona. This also comes in versions for business-to-consumer and business-to-business personas. Fill in and save as a digital document or print and complete with writing weapon of your choice. (My comments: I like to have both versions. The short one is easy to print and use as a quick reference. I use the industrial strength version when I am crafting new messaging and content. It can take 4-6 hours to build, but it’s rock solid.)
  • 2-page customer buying journey template. This template contains the example from the guidebook, as well as an interactive section you can fill out and save as a digital document or print and fill in by hand.