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Our 6-part virtual group training series focuses on teaching you how to craft the perfect product and service offerings, from start to finish.

The Xylina team will help you figure out:

  • What your business really needs for product and service – how to map your offerings to your sales and revenue targets;
  • What your best clients value, need and are willing to buy from you; and
  • How to market and promote your products and services more efficiently and productively for better sales results.
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MODULE 1 – Ground Zero What does your business need right now?

MODULE 2 – Preferred Client Discover your preferred client using the 80/20 rule.

MODULE 3 – Prepare to Connect Figure out what you need to know about your client and how to approach them

MODULE 4 – DIY Gap/Fit Analysis Determine what your business and your clients need and what you can offer them 

MODULE 5 – Develop, Target, and Launch Prepare and test offers to clients; analyze, adjust and launch

MODULE 6 – Next Steps Look at where you are, look at where you’ve been and then decide where you’re going next