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Xylina develops branding and marketing materials for a distinguished "Encore Career" CFO


Pension CFO Managing Partner Sloan Kimball requested brand strategy and development support from Xylina. Sloan was transitioning from a highly successful chief financial officer career role to building a financial consulting firm focused on helping organizations manage their defined benefit (DB) pension plans.

Pension CFO’s reputation and industry differentiation rests on the company’s impeccable integrity and proven skillset to simplify their client’s approach to DB investment and risk management. The firm has the uncanny ability to take very complicated and financially stressful DB pension plan management situations and simplify them to down to the needed essential investment strategy and highly actionable recommendations. Their clients gain a thorough, careful strategic analysis as well as invaluable investment training and coaching.

The Pension CFO visual branding needed to reflect these elegantly refined yet concise values and communicate the firm’s principles and approach clearly and succinctly.

Our approach

We led Sloan through a thorough brand visioning and assessment process to distill Pension CFO’s core values and brand archetypes. We also spent time researching and validating the needs and values of his ideal clients, to ensure that the messaging was in alignment with both his brand values and his customers’ values, goals and needs. We then went through multiple review and iterations to refine the Pension CFO visual identity and messaging brief.

Sloan also needed a clean and professional website that would be used to help establish and promote Pension CFO to existing and potential clients, as well as to attract and connect with additional professional organizations and other financial management leaders in the defined benefits pension plan investment market.

We recommended that Pension CFO work with one of our vetted website developers, Greg Rochford of Rochford Creative. Greg has an established track record of building professional websites for leading business consultants and professionals, similar to Sloan’s organization.

Greg quickly created a set of visual concepts for the site, and the team worked with Sloan to refine the site’s look, feel and content to perfectly reflect the Pension CFO mission and values. In less than 6 weeks, we took Greg’s concepts to a final website, including setting up the site’s SEO and social media “back-end plumbing.”

The Xylina team also worked with Sloan to audit and triage a large prospecting list and provided recommendations for lead generation and developed a set of sales call scripts. Finally, we worked with Sloan to develop a master PowerPoint presentation template that could be used for lead generation presentations, educational seminars/webinars, as well as presenting project analysis and recommendations to Pension CFO clients.

The results impacting growth

Since the Pension CFO brand and website was launched earlier this year, Sloan has steadily built his sales pipeline and client base, attracting the types of clients he loves to work with. By being able to choose which new clients he wants to work with on a custom project basis, as well as ongoing retainer engagements, he lives the life he has envisioned as a managing partner of the Pension CFO consulting group, helping his clients achieve their critical financial goals and build investment security, while having time to follow his sailing passion and spending time with his family and friends.

Project deliverables included:

  • Extensive library of logos and related graphics (font pairings, extended logo family, icons, customized images)
  • Color palette (primary and secondary colors, gradients)
  • Messaging and audience persona research
  • Branding and messaging guidelines
  • Branded presentation template
  • Marketing collateral (business cards, corporate stationery, flyer and postcard templates)
  • Branded website
Pension CFO branding guide cover

Pension CFO branding guide cover

Pension CFO branding guide - internal page

Pension CFO branding guide - internal page

Pension CFO symbol

Pension CFO symbol

Pension CFO business card

Pension CFO business card

Pension CFO presentation template - Charts

Pension CFO presentation template - Charts example

Sloan Kimball, CFA

Is one of the elite few who have earned the coveted "Chartered Financial Accountant" credential. Forbes magazine describes them as "Think of CFAs as the all-stars of the money management industry: They excel in the competitive world of financial analysis and have put the extra work required to earn the gold standard in their profession." 

You can find Sloan anywhere around the world, helping his clients manage their complex pension plans with less stress and risk.

CFA, Managing Partner / Pension CFO


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