Find clarity and focus to achieve your business vision.

Work with us to reach your next level and achieve your business vision.

We offer a complimentary, no-charge video meeting to help you brain-storm solutions for business challenges.

We provide a no-charge, drop-in marketing clinic through Meetup that is open to small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits. 





Sharpen your business vision by applying clarity and focus.  

You are different. Your marketing and business goals are unique and specific to you and your business. Your intentions, expectations, and requirements are not the same as any other business. Xylina offers several flexible options when it comes to our fees.

  • Need help for a short time? Our hourly fee or a time block is the best way to move forward.
  • Does your project require a more concentrated effort? The Action Agreement makes the most sense.
  • Does your project require ongoing monthly support? Use our Monthly Retainer program to get the best rate for our services.

Find the right resources and support to help you achieve clarity and focus.

We provide the tools, resources and support for you to achieve clarity and focus to achieve your business vision. You can download interactive workbooks, guides, and videos that will help you determine your path (Audeo), plan your way forward (Attendo), and reach your final destination (Ascendo). Need an answer to a business question? Join our free monthly Marketing Drop-In Clinic through Zoom. Meet with a group of business owners and share your experience while gaining knowledge from theirs.

discussing business outcomes

Our flexible and cost-effective approach

We are committed to helping people reach their marketing and business development goals through simple building blocks engineered around best practices. 

Your first option for using Xylina.

Hourly is just what it says.

This fee is really about a business that needs only a couple hours to get a specific result and nothing else. Contact us with your requirements. Let us know how we can help you.

When you need help figuring out the best course of action to move forward with efficiency, speed and accuracy.

When your project is an integral piece of your business strategy or you’re not certain how you want to implement an idea, the action agreement outlines and defines how Xylina will help you move forward. These engagements are typically longer than our Time Block offerings. Action agreements are offered at a 20% savings over our hourly rate. You can schedule a free consultation to determine if this is the right selection for your needs.

You save by purchasing time blocks in five-hour and ten-hour increments.

This option is for small projects where you need more than a couple of hours but don’t expect any major surprises or issues. You save 10% on five-hour blocks and 15% on ten-hour blocks. Be sure to put your business needs and reasons in the message box or schedule a free appointment to discuss your needs.

When flexibility and agility are paramount.

You need a professional to help you manage certain aspects of your business. Your time is valuable and writing blogs, creating posts, and managing social media takes time away from your main focus. You want on-going help executing your plans. This offer is a minimum six-month commitment for five hours per month used as you feel is necessary. You receive a 25% savings or seven and a half hours free throughout your six-month commitment.