Magician Archetype

Young boy creating magic

Magician archetype

Magician archetype

The Magician archetype is a powerful catalyst for change and transformation. The Magician archetype believes that reality is determined by a person’s thoughts and beliefs, and anything is possible.

The Magician archetype is strongly intuitive, believing in their visions or dreams. They can be highly spiritual, but not necessarily religious or dogmatic in their beliefs. They believe that what is reality is determined by what a person believes. They believe that they can achieve anything and everything they set their minds to, typically beginning with their personal attitudes and behaviors. They can become powerful and charismatic in their quest to create transformation.

They set very high standards for themselves and others. They have an uncanny inner radar that senses the interconnections of ideas, events, people and reality, often without being able to rationally explain how they made the connection. They are able to observe the ripple effects of small changes and predict plausible and likely outcomes.  They can become change-agents by transforming their beliefs and perceptions of reality in themselves and others. The magician archetype is known for passing on wisdom to apprentices, disciples, students or initiates. Ruler archetypes rely on having a Magician archetype at their side as a strategist and “bullshit detector.”

Magician Subtypes

Alchemist, engineer (see Sage), innovator (see Sage), seer, scientist (see Sage), architect (see Sage), visionary (see Creative), healer (see Caretaker), mentor/guide (see Sage), crone, wiseman/wise woman (see Sage), monk/nun, Hermit, priest/priestess, mystic, prophet, wizard, dreamer (see Innocent), shaman (see Sage), catalyst, angel (see Caretaker), innovator (see Sage), sorcerer/sorceress

Core Desire

Contain and channel power for the good of all.

Your Goal

To make dreams come true.

Your Overarching Belief

If I apply the right principles, strategy and formula, success is inevitable.

Your Promise

"If you can dream it, you can achieve it."

Your Motivation

Mastery and power

Your Strategy

Create a vision and live it out fully.

Your Themes

I believe in creating the world I want.

Thrives On

Developing their vision into reality and sharing it with the world. Creating something new from nothing.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

All of your dreams can come true, if you have the courage and tenacity to believe in them.

Your Life Lessons

Harness magic for transformation and change that benefits all.

Cultural Examples

Merlin and Morgana le Fey (British mythology), Willy Wonka (see Jester – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory books and movies), Gandalf and Saruman (Lord of the Rings books and movies), Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape (see Sage – Harry Potter books and movies), Morpheus (see Sage – Matrix movies), Yoda (see Sage – Star Wars series and movies), Elsa (Frozen movies), Wizard of Oz (Wizard of Oz books and movie), Nanny McPhee (see Caretaker – Nanny McPhee books and movies), Mary Poppins (see Caretaker – books and movies), Loki (see Jester – Norse mythology), Samantha (Bewitched TV series)

Master Brand Models

Walt Disney, Dyson, MAC Cosmetics, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tesla (see Sage), Nicola Tesla (see Sage), Albert Einstein (see Sage), Osho (shadow side), Sony, MasterCard, Xbox, Polaroid, MindValley, Tony Robbins, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs/Apple (see Creative), Deepak Chopra (see Sage), Smirnoff, David Copperfield (magician)

Your mottos

“Dream big – nothing is impossible!” “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”


Intuition/vision, willpower, faith


Discernment, strategist, curiosity, illumination, perspective, idea generation, transformation, intuition, charisma, ability to tap into synchronicity


Being too critical of self and others. Negative perceptions of self. Tendency to withdraw or shut out others. Difficulty opening up to others.

Your Fears

Unanticipated negative consequences. Breaking promises. Under delivering. Being ordinary.

Your Challenges

Temptation to fall into trickery, manipulation or fraud. Being seduced by ideas or visions and “missing the forest for the trees.” You love ideas but hate routines, which can lead to avoidance of necessary but mundane everyday actions. Reckless “running before you can walk (sorcerer’s apprentice syndrome).”

Your Shadow Side

Manipulation, cowardice, dishonesty, cultish obsessions. Using power and knowledge for selfish profit, rather than serving others. Self-sabotage, procrastination or abuse of gifts.

Power Words

Innovation, transformation, magical, charismatic, powerful, profound, bright, audacious, determined, disciplined, driven, epic, enthralling, miraculous, futuristic, cutting edge, mystical

Your Brand Voice

Innovative, charismatic, intelligent, revolutionary, pioneering, purposeful, inspiring, insightful, forward-thinking, dynamic, energizing, extraordinary, motivated, strong-willed, skilled, enchanting, imaginative

Your Magician Customers

Magician archetype customers are curious and thrive on imagination and wonder. They want to experience “magic.” They are often motivated by a desire for personal and world transformation. 

Like the Sage archetype, they can be on a lifelong quest for knowledge and learning new skills. They can be more spiritual in nature, believing in higher consciousness and metaphysical beliefs. Or they rely on the laws of nature and sciences as guiding principles, or a mix of both. They demand to clearly see and connect with the purpose of the brand.

Your Customers Feel:

Magical, powerful, enchanting. “I want to experience that.” Fascinated. Inspired and transformed. Experience magical moments and wonder. Open to new ideas and experiences.