Lover Archetype

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Lover archetype

Lover archetype

The lover archetype is motivated to attract, give and receive all kinds of life-affirming love. They are the ones that “go for the gusto” – life is lived with great passion, sensuality and appreciation of beauty, or it is not worth living at all.

The Lover is the archetype that covers all kinds of love – from intimate relationships, deep friendships, familial/parental relationships and anything that pleasures the senses. The lover is motivated to attract, give and receive or nurture life-affirming love. Lover archetypes have the uncanny ability to make others feel appreciated and wanted in quest for their own intimate connections. They are the ones that “go for the gusto” – life is lived with great passion, sensuality and appreciation of beauty, or it is not worth living at all. When strengthened by devotion and faithfulness, the lover can bring out the best in people, and can transform their world through passion and appreciation of all that life offers. The Lover archetypes are the ones who experience the whole range of feelings intensely, from the highest ecstasy to crippling pain.

In legends and myths, the lover archetype often represents the sacred erotic, the life force that sparks creativity and vitality. The lover archetype is the core archetype that is at the core of all seduction-related archetypes. They excel in being charismatic, irresistible and captivating.

Lover Subtypes

Lover, romantic, companion (also connected to Caregiver archetype), hedonist, gourmand, matchmaker, seducer, connector, cupid, bon vivant, fanboy/fangirl, Lilith, bohemian, Don Juan & Femme Fatale (shadow side)

Core Desire

To attain intimacy and connection.

Your Goal

Being in intimate relationship with the people and things they love. Improve relationships.

Your Overarching Belief

Appreciation and passion is a way of life. The pursuit of beauty and happiness is everything.

Your Promise

"Love, harmony and pleasure make the world go round."


Your Motivation

Belonging and connection. Enjoying life’s pleasures with others. Helping others connect to their desires and their hearts.


Your Strategy

Become attractive to others by showing appreciation or pleasuring their senses. Create or improve relationships and connections through evoking strong emotions.

Your Themes

Willingness to sacrifice yourself out of pure love.

Thrives On

Strong emotional ties, deep passion, intimate relationships

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Finding bliss with relationships and connection. Being close to the people and things they love. Seeking love for the sake of love.


Your Life Lessons

You are here to show others how to find love.


Cultural Examples

Aphrodite/Venus (Greek & Roman mythology), Freyja (Norse mythology), Branwen (Celtic mythology), Eros (Greek mythology), Bacchus (Roman mythology), Ishtar (Sumerian mythology), Inanna (Mesopotamian mythology), Astarte (Semitic mythology), Lakshmi (Hindu mythology), Lancelot and Guinevere (Arthurian Legends), Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Titanic movie, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind book and movie), Pepe le Pew, Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials, Buttercup and Westley (Princess Bride movie), Dolly Levi (Hello Dolly musical)

Master Brand Models

Cleopatra, Victoria’s Secret, Beyoncé (see Ruler), Godiva chocolates, eHarmony, Hallmark, Christian Dior (see rebel), Chanel, Haagen Dazs ice cream, NARS cosmetics, Vera Wang, Conde Nast, Iams pet products (see Caretaker), Marilyn Monroe, Tiffany & Co., Alfa Romeo, Coachella music festival, Williams Sonoma

Your mottos

“You complete me.” “It feels amazing.” ”Sex sells.” “I only have eyes for you.”


Appreciation, passion, emotional intensity, charisma, intimacy



Vitality. Faithfulness. Great passion and devotion. All-or-nothing attitude and appreciation of someone or something. Unafraid of expressing emotions.



Can be distracted by superficial or surface flattery. Trying to please others too much. Perpetually getting caught up in the thrill of the chase.

Your Fears

Feeling unwanted or unappreciated. Terrified of being alone or abandoned. Being stuck in a situation or relationship that you are not passionate about. Being mediocre or lackluster.


Your Challenges

Becoming obsessive or shallow. Overly dramatic. Game playing. Fear of not being enough. Obsessive passion such as stalking or control that harms others. Pursuit of pleasure without regard for the well-being of others. Selfishness, self-indulgence. Too much indulgence or addiction without boundaries or good self-care.

Your Shadow Side

Moody. Jealousy. Narcissism. Self-destructive devotion to avoid loneliness and abandonment. Remaking the self and losing self-identity to please others. Cannot be reasoned with.

Power Words

Heart and soul, empathy, charismatic, charming, passion, feelings, intriguing, sexy, captivating, alluring, sensual

Your Brand Voice

Intimate, passionate, empathetic, emotional, seductive, elegant, indulgent, affectionate, warm, uses the physical senses to attract and engage with others

Your Lover Customers

Lover archetype customers are driven to connect with others, have fun and enjoy life. They crave intimacy. They love their favorite brands and want to feel loved in return. They value aesthetics and appearance.

Your Customers Feel:

Inspired. Desirable. Special and appreciated. Loved and wanted. Alive - romantic and sensual. “I want what she/he has.”