Knitted in Switzerland

Knitted in Switzerland Travel Socks

Xylina builds a magical, adventurous brand logo and guidelines for an intrepid knitter and designer

Maja met Tanja through a virtual archetype workshop, which soon became a conversation about yarn, knitting designs, colorful socks and shawls, and how to best communicate her amazing sense of color, adventure and magic in her business logo and marketing materials.

The Xylina team learned about the best places to hike and visit in the Swiss mountains, mischievous squirrels and other magical creatures. We ended up not just creating a colorful and adventurous logo, but a rainbow-filled, magical library of patterns, colors and of course the talkative little squirrel mascots who love to teach people how to knit. And a trip to Switzerland is now officially on our bucket list!

Project deliverables included:

  • Extensive library of logos and related graphics (font pairings, mix-and-match patterns, icons, squirrel mascots, customized images)
  • Color palette (primary and secondary colors, gradients)
  • Branding and messaging guidelines
  • Branded template for knitting instructions
  • Packaging recommendations/layouts (business cards, shipping envelopes, hangtags, inserts, social media posts, etc.)
Target Audience from Brand Guidelines

Target Audience from Brand Guidelines

Squirrels Graphics Guidelines

Brand Guidelines for Squirrel Mascots

Brand Messaging Guidelines

Brand Messaging Guidelines

Presentation Materials

Recommended layouts for Marketing & Design Materials

Tanja Lüscher

Is an intrepid yarn explorer and magician who loves contrast, colorful splashes and challenging but rewarding designs. Her favorite customers love lace and cables, colorwork, intricate shawls... they’re adventurous. AND they want well-written patterns that help them achieve beautiful things well beyond a basic stockinette or garter stitch. 

You can find Tanja and her exquisite designs on Ravelry and other knitting communities. 

Knit Designer & Textile Artist / Knitted in Switzerland


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