Jester Archetype

jester couple with silly hats

Jester archetype

Jester archetype

The jester archetype thrives on finding the joy and fun in life. They love sharing sly jokes and poking fun at life’s absurdities, and use humor and fun to lighten everyone up.

The Jester archetype knows how to love life and work. They use their gifts to lighten things up with their humor. They thrive on finding the joy and fun in life. For an active Jester archetype, humor and joy in living is paramount. Jester archetypes see the inconsistency, absurdities and irony in life, and use humor and fun to reflect it back to others. They enjoy instigating mischief and fun for themselves and others. In their wisest, most mature version, Jesters can say what needs to be said, but no one else is willing to, because of their social skills and ability to speak the truth in ways people can hear it.

Trickster archetypes are masters at sneaking around systems and not playing by the rules. They can cross borders of many kinds – social, physical, spiritual and magical. Their goal is to challenge assumptions and norms so people can see and understand from a different perspective.

 The clown archetypes are the everyday, “everyman/everywoman” form of the Jester archetype. The Muppets and their silly antics pull everyone in together for a fun ride, while sharing sly jokes and poking fun at life’s absurdities.

Jester Subtypes

Entertainer/performer, clown, provocateur (see Rebel archetype), trickster, court fool, shapeshifter, jokester, comedian, practical joker

Core Desire

Enjoyment and belonging.

Your Goal

To live in the moment. Enjoy the journey and stand out.

Your Overarching Belief

Live for the moment and have fun.

Your Promise

"If you’re not having fun, you are doing something wrong."


Your Motivation

Poking fun at life. Fitting in.


Your Strategy

Allow people to connect by having fun. To live in the moment and not take life too seriously. Celebrate being unconventional yet relatable.

Your Themes

Have a great time and lighten up the world.

Thrives On

Constant attention and feedback from their audiences to fuel their creative energies. You die without applause.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Using humor and fun to live in the moment.


Your Life Lessons

Lighten up the world to help people experience belonging and joy.


Cultural Examples

Loki (see Rebel – Norse mythology), Captain Jack Sparrow (see Rebel – Pirates of the Caribbean movies), The Dude (Big Lewbowsky movie), Donkey (Shrek movies), Kokopelli (Hopi/Zuni mythology), Raven (Pacific Northwest Coast indigenous mythologies), Coyote (North American indigenous mythologies), Puck (Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream play and movies), Deadpool (Deadpool graphic novels and movies), Bugs Bunny (Warner Brothers’ Bugs Bunny cartoons), The Mask (The Mask movies), Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter books and movies), Aang (see Innocent – The Last Airbender series), Willy Wonka (see Magician – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book and movies), Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland books and movies), Patch Adams (Patch Adams movie), Bart Simpson (The Simpsons TV series), the Muppets, Yoda (see Sage – Star Wars movies)

Master Brand Models

M&M candies brand, Robin Williams (comedian), Saturday Night Live (TV comedy series), Amy Shumer (comedienne), Jimmy Fallon (TV series host), Jim Carey (actor), Old Spice, Doritos, Progressive (see also Everyman and Caretaker archetypes), Dominos Pizza, Skittles candy, Taco Bell, Jay Leno and Johnny Carson (comedians), Nickelodeon and MTV (see Rebel), Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (see Everyman and Caretaker archetypes), Lucille Ball (comedienne), The Onion, Dollar Shave Club, Pepsi, MailChimp, Fanta

Your mottos

“Laughter is the best medicine.” “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be a part of your revolution.” “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”


Perspective. Lightening up the world. Ability to create fun.



Cleverness, unpredictability, skills at trickery and deception, ability to think and react spontaneously, brainstorming, fluid social skills, resiliency.



Lack of organization and focus. Time-wasting. Jester archetypes are not always good time managers and can waste a lot of time on unproductive activities.

Your Fears

Fear of boredom and cookie-cutter vanilla sameness. Gloom and sadness. Loneliness. Fear of missing out (FOMO). Being ignored.

Your Challenges

Being too insensitive or insolent. Needing constant stimulation and feedback. Instability at the expense of being fluid and flexible.

Your Shadow Side

Can become cruel and irresponsible. Tendency to play through life without grappling with issues or thinking things through. Self-indulgence.

Power Words

Fun-loving, irreverent, shameless, surprising, out-of-the-box, one-of-a-kind, passionate, playful, flexible, audacious, creative

Your Brand Voice

Clever, high energy, expressive, unorthodox/unconventional, unique, provocative, lively, irreverent, entertaining, fresh, energizing, young at heart, fun-loving, mischievous

Your Jester Customers

Love having fun and enjoying the moment. Seeing life’s absurdities with a sense of humor. Want to take the tediousness out of life by making mundane activities more fun and enjoyable. They steer towards fun-loving, playful and light-hearted feelings.

They appreciate a break from monotony with a sprinkle of a joke or laughter. They don’t mind poking fun at themselves and others. Jester customers will avoid doing things that are boring, even if they are important. They are turned off by anything they feel is too serious.

Your Customers Feel:

Like they belong and will have a good time. They want to hang out with you. They can look at a problem with a fresh perspective and find a happy solution. They are empowered to become more creative, playful and enjoy life.