Innocent Archetype

Innocent or Idealist archetype

Innocent archetype

The Innocent or Idealist archetypes are the unstoppable do-gooders who move through life in a trusting, childlike manner that always looks on the bright side.

The Innocent or Idealist is the most optimistic and idealistic of all the archetypes – these are archetypes who wear the rose-tinted glasses. These unstoppable do-gooders move through life in a trusting, childlike manner that always looks on the bright side. They thrive on inspiring others to have faith and do their best. At their best, they are the eternal optimists who share a magical trust in life. They choose to remain positive and optimistic even when dealing with challenges.

They are truly the pure of heart. They are naturally open, connected and in tune to the universe. They believe and trust that the universe will provide help whenever they need it. They can be strong, upbeat and steadfast in order to stay true to the beliefs and values that they hold dear, even when reality would indicate otherwise.

Innocent Subtypes

Utopian, dreamer, optimist, muse, child (wounded, nature, eternal, child orphan), the Maiden, the Fool, Pollyanna, idealist, cheerleader, believer, naif, traditionalist

Core Desire

To find happiness wherever and whenever they can. 

Your Goal

To be happy, experience paradise. Live in the moment. 

Your Overarching Belief

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Keep it simple.

Your Promise

Authentic joy for every moment. "Life can be perfect now."


Your Motivation

Safety, independence and fulfillment of their dreams.


Your Strategy

Do things right. Believe in yourself. Maintain upbeat, positive attitude.

Your Themes

Happiness & safety

Thrives On

Always doing the right thing. Following their bliss.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Building a strong core sense of self that allows the idealist to take concrete action despite fears of doing the wrong thing.


Your Life Lessons

Innocence is about keeping hope alive for the whole world.  


Cultural Examples

Poppy (Trolls movie), Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump movie), Dorothy (Wizard of Oz books and movie), Charlie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book and movies), Cinderella (Cinderella Disney movie), Rapunzel (Tangled Disney movie), Pooh (Winnie the Pooh books and movies), Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man movie), Linus (Peanuts cartoons and movies), Dory (Finding Nemo movie), Mayberry RFD TV series, Forrest Gump movie, Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, Peter Pan (Peter Pan books and movies), Elmo (Sesame Street TV series)

Master Brand Models

Coca-Cola, Dove health and beauty products, Shirley Temple (actress), Dolly Parton (musician & actress), Real Simple magazine, McDonald’s, Charmin bath tissue, Doris Day and Meg Ryan (Actresses), McDonald’s, L. L. Bean, American Girl dolls, Snuggle, Mr. Rogers (TV series)

Your mottos

“Don’t worry, be happy.” “Free to be you and me.” “Life is good.”


Hope, faith and optimism



Youthful enthusiasm, spontaneity and zest for life. Openness to possibility. Positive attitude and energy. Eternally youthful. Seeing the silver lining. Keeping their faith in their ideals and values.



Giddy/unrealistic optimism. Ungrounded naïvité. Unbalanced optimism. Lack of depth due to innocence and inexperience. Can be insufferably, relentlessly upbeat to other archetypes. Easy target for manipulative people. Difficulty in being reliable or dependable.

Your Fears

To be punished for doing something bad or wrong. To be abandoned (orphan)

Your Challenges

Can be overly optimistic and naïve. Doesn’t always think or plan ahead – tendency to just jump in and go. Lack of practical skills to navigate the real world. Tendency to avoid, deny or ignore problems, preferring to live in a “perfect world” now through rose-colored glasses.

Your Shadow Side

Denial, delusional optimism and beliefs. Tendency to avoid the bad things happening around them.

Power Words

Joy, happiness, curiosity, delightful, enchanting, endearing, magical, naïve, natural, playful, radiant, quirky, saucy, sparkle, nostalgia, childhood, natural, openness

Your Brand Voice

Bright, encouraging, cheerful, light-hearted, energizing, fresh, genuine, inspiring, sensitive, nostalgic, soothing, safe, youthful, upbeat, pure, simple

Your Innocent Customers

Are highly trusting and possess a strong morality radar. They choose kindness over greed, right over wrong. They are looking for the promise of finding and experiencing paradise, whether in relationships or products. They expect people to deliver on their promises. At less mature levels, they can appear and behave childishly with impatience and narcissism.

Speed in customer service is of the essence. Innocents are also attracted to slowing down the speed of life, and prefer offers of being simpler, safer and more predictable. Compared to the 1940’s and 1950’s, today’s Innocents have become more sophisticated. They are skeptical about marketing and organizational claims. Delivering on your brand promise is critical, or they go elsewhere.

Your Customers Feel Empowered to:

Reclaim the joys and pleasures of childhood, go back to a simpler, more natural way of living. Escape from the pressures of adulting. Believe that everything will turn out ok in the end.