Explorer Archetype

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Explorer archetype

Explorer archetype

The explorer archetype is the intrepid adventurer. They crave learning and growing through exploring and discovering the world and beyond.

The explorer craves learning and growing through adventure and exploration. If you are an explorer or one the explorer/adventurer-related subtypes, you enjoy adventures and new experiences and see all of life as a journey of exploration.

Explorer Subtypes

Adventurer, pioneer, renaissance man/woman, seeker, settler, innovator (see Sage), wanderer, nomad, vagabond, pilgrim, entrepreneur (see Sage)

Core Desire

Having the freedom to find out who you are by exploring the world and beyond.

Your Goal

Live life to its fullest. Discover freedom and become more authentic.

Your Overarching Belief

I will discover and create what has not been done before.

Your Promise

“Blaze your own trail and be true to your soul. Set your mind and achieve your goals."


Your Strategy

Take the road less traveled. Get off the beaten path and blaze a new trail. Escape from boredom and feeling fenced-in.

Your Themes

Freedom and individuality

Thrives On

Exploring and finding new discoveries and insights and sharing them with others.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Exploring for the sake of exploring and pushing the limits.


Your Life Lessons

Find different ways of expressing yourself and experiencing joy that do not rely on new adventures and external experiences. Develop internal reflection and the ability to plan for the future. Learn to appreciate life’s little moments.


Cultural Examples

Captain James T. Kirk from the Star Trek series, Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones movie series, Xena from the Xena Warrior Princess TV series


Master Brand Models

Jeep, Patagonia, REI, North Face, NASA, YETI, Amazon, the United States of America, National Geographic, Bear Grylls, Roald Amundsen, Sir Richard Branson, David Livingstone, Edmund Hillary

Your mottos

“Live and let live.” “Go boldly and discover.” “Life is an adventure.”


Curiosity, self-motivation and ambition.



Adaptability, versatility, sharp awareness, enjoys learning about the world using his or her five senses. Comfortable with the unknown.



No patience for the routine and mundane. Can feel internally empty, since he or she is dependent on external factors to feel joy. Lack of planning.

Your Fears

Becoming trapped in dull routine. Losing your freedom and independence. Boredom.

Your Challenges

Self-indulgence. Pride. Ambition at the expense of others.

Your Shadow Side

Selfishness. Struggles with making commitments. Needs absolute freedom and can’t be tied down. Can lose interest quickly if there is no direct connection to achieving a goal or achievement. Making unrealistic plans. Wandering or thrill-seeking without purpose.

Power Words

Independence, curiosity, experience, focus, drive, self-sufficiency, integrity, possibility, growth, discovery, ambition, bravery, freedom, non-conformity and the ability to be yourself.

Your Brand Voice

Resourceful, open-minded, independent, curious, confident

Your Explorer Customers

Either adventuresome and energetic; or searching and restless. They may also feel trapped/bored, alienated or suffocated in their current situation.

Your Customers Feel Empowered to:

Feel free to forge their own paths. Empowered to take risks, go on life-changing adventures, alive, “no boundaries or limits,” challenge personal routines, experience more authentic and fulfilling living.