Everywoman Archetype

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Everywoman | everyman archetype

Everywoman archetype

The everywoman | everyman archetype is realistic and practical. They are the community “do-gooders.” They are resilient, empathic, and help others anticipate possible trouble.

They pride themselves on practicality, doing what works, and seeing what is likely. Egalitarian and community-focused by nature, they like working collaboratively with unpretentious, trustworthy people. To avoid disappointment, they prefer not to engage in dreams or activities where they feel they don't have sufficient support or control of the outcome.

Everywoman | Everyman Subtypes

Regular guy/gal next door, realist, communitarian, advocate (see Caregiver), member/citizen, networker (messenger/courier, journalist), servant, diplomat/ambassador, gossip, scribe (see Sage)

Core Desire

Connecting with others. Having a sense of belonging and enjoyment in the simple, common things in life.

Your Goal

Connecting to and building a democratic community.

Your Overarching Belief

Everyone is created equal.

Your Promise

“We are at our best working together. All for one and one for all."


Your Strategy

Develop ordinary virtues, be down to earth, provide the common touch. Support and encourage egalitarian teamwork.

Your Themes

Principles and belonging. Rooting for the underdog.

Thrives On

Being part of a group or community. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

Being part of and supporting a community or group that in turn supports their beliefs and values.


Your Life Lessons

Add value to society in support of the collective common good without watering down contributions.


Cultural Examples

Samwell Tarley (Game of Thrones books & TV series), Clark Kent (Superman’s everyman alter ego), Lilo (Lilo and Stitch Disney series), Hobbits (Lord of the Rings books and movies) Cheers TV series


Master Brand Models

Levi’s clothing brand, Matt Damon (actor), Jimmy Carter (former U.S. President), Julia Roberts (actress), IKEA retail stores, Target retail stores, Budweiser beer brand, Covergirl cosmetics brand, Erin Brockovich (real life advocate and the movie of the same name), Woody Guthrie (musician), New York Rangers (hockey team), Chicago Cubs (baseball team), Green Bay Packers (football team), Paul Newman (actor), Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Trader Joe’s stores, Craigslist

Your mottos

“One for all, all for one.” “Life is better together.” “We can do this.” (Rosie the Riveter)


Realism, empathy, lack of pretense



Wholesomeness, genuineness, lack of pretension, friendliness & empathy with others



They can become too comfortable with the status quo. In effort to belong, they can lose themselves or compromise their beliefs and values.

Your Fears

Standing out and being rejected as a result. Being left out from their tribe.

Your Challenges

They do not necessarily trust authority figures. Can be difficult to move out of their comfort zone. Ignorance. Group think.

Your Shadow Side

Secrecy and conspiracy (Secret societies such as QAnon and the Deep Web). Community that gets watered down or devolves into least-common superficiality or bureaucracy.

Power Words

Honesty, real, belonging, connected, community, genuine, authentic, wholesome, ordinary, down-to-earth, resourceful, friendly

Your Brand Voice

Wholesome, without pretense, folksy, sociable, neighborly, faithful, resourceful, friendly, unselfish, grounded, casual, non-threatening, supportive

Your Everywoman | Everyman Customers

Everyman/everywoman customers possess a charming, unassuming sincerity. They prefer to be part of a community or neighborhood that helps each other out. The regular guy/gal next door is practical, down-to-earth and realistic. They want to do the right thing and expect their favorite brands to set good examples. They appreciate the little bonding moments in life, such as hanging out at neighborhood BBQs and ice cream socials. 

Your Customers Feel Empowered to:

Be regular, supportive members of the human family. Be helpful to all. Enjoy life. Inspire others to action and work together.