Creative Archetype

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Creative archetype

Creator archetype

The creative archetype thrives on bringing inspiration to life.

Creative archetypes are naturally imaginative. This archetype is is artistic and inventive, with a passionate need for self-expression. Creatives are constantly thinking of new ideas and possibilities, and love to be “in the zone,” much like athletes, where their creatives juices and ideas flow effortlessly. They are characterized by curiosity and the creative process in their role as cultural pioneers.

The creative archetype is known for experimenting and tinkering to push their “what ifs” and ”why nots” to the limits. The results are often expressed in a tangible form, such as art, writing, design or inventions.

Entrepreneur, innovator and inventor subtypes tap into the mental powers of the Sage archetype. Visionaries blend the Magician archetype’s intuitive abilities to create futuristic and outside-the-box solutions that are truly revolutionary.

Creative Subtypes

Artist (poet, writer, musician), entrepreneur (see Sage), Inventor/Innovator (see Sage), Storyteller, Visionary (see Sage and Magician)

Core Desire

Create something new and original that has enduring value.  

Your Goal

Develop skill and control to express creative vision.

Your Promise

“I will create something new, original and amazing that has never existed before."


Your Strategy

Inspire to unlock creativity and imagination. Encourage the pursuit of originality.

Your Themes

Innovation and self-expression

Thrives On

Tapping into the human imagination to create a different way of doing things.

Secrets to Happiness & Success

To develop and use artistic gifts instead of suppressing or ignoring them.


Your Life Lessons

Celebrate and champion the creative process and inspire self-expression for yourself and others. 


Cultural Examples

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Man movies), Willy Wonka (see magician and Jester -Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book and movies) Dr. Frankenstein (Frankenstein book and movies), Dwarves (Lord of the Rings books and movies), John Hammond (Jurassic Park movies), Wednesday Addams (Adams Family TV series and movie), Nuwa (Chinese mythology)


Master Brand Models

Michelangelo (artist), Steve Jobs/Apple (see Sage and Magician), Pinterest, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer), Walt Disney (see Magician), Adobe, LEGO, Etsy, Dame Judi Dench (actress), Dolce & Gabana (fashion), MoMA, Crayola, Tim Burton (movies), Leonardo da Vinci (artist & inventor), Martha Stewart (lifestyle products), Duke Ellington (musician & composer), Pablo Picasso (artist), Igor Stravinski (composer), Frida Kahlo (artist), Coco Chanel (fashion designer), Williams-Sonoma, Sherwin-Williams, Frog Design, Sesame Street (see Everyman and Caretaker), Adele (musician), Betsy Johnson (see Innocent – fashion), Julia Child (chef)

Your mottos

“Think Different.” (Apple's motto) “If it can be imagined, it can be created.”


Creativity and originality



Belief in the power of imagination and trust in the creative process.


Can be prone to perfectionism and obsessiveness. Because of their genius, their personality can be insensitive to others. Prone to arrogance and superiority.

Your Fears

Mediocrity or ordinariness. Stagnation. Indifference. Disillusionment. Fear of failure.

Your Challenges

Difficulty staying focused when there are so many ideas to chase. Can be stifled by perfectionism. Being open-minded to other people’s opinions, especially during conflicts of opinion or belief. Being a copy-cat instead of original.

Your Shadow Side

Can become overly dramatic “divas.” Risk of roller-coaster emotional cycles. Selling out creative vision and passion to please or control others. Prone to arrogance and superiority.

Power Words

Imaginative, original, one-of-a-kind, self-expression, artistic

Your Brand Voice

Inspirational, daring, creative, provocative, artistic, innovative, inspiring, unique, inventive

Your Creative Customers

Love brands that help them release their own creative talents. They are interested in learning to develop their creative side. For some, it can mean becoming part of a collective expression of creativity, such as music, video and theater. Creative and lifestyle magazines have proven that artistic expression at all levels is live and well in our world. 

Your Customers Feel:

Want to feel inspired and original. They can release creativity in all aspects of their lives. Feel good about themselves because they are making something meaningful and worthwhile. Encourages self-expression. Customer feels like they have choices and options. Have control and order in their lives. Connect with their imaginations.