We bring years of experience and skill into the crafting of our clients' stories and brand identities

We've been privileged to work with amazing clients through the years, from start-ups, encore career entrepreneurs, to growing small businesses and non-profits. 

Here's a small sample of the logo design, branding and marketing materials that have we have created through deep, heartfelt collaborations that bring their vision into reality.

And then there are all the critical projects without the pretty pictures that build a strong business base for our clients: Market and customer audience research (avatars/personas), SEO strategy and keyword analysis, sales training, messaging and business strategy. We take a 360-degree view of our clients and their businesses, and work with them to build a solid foundation for business success.

Knitted in Switzerland - Brand Messaging Guidelines

Knitted in Switzerland - Brand Messaging Guidelines

Sloan Kimball CFA portrait

-Sloan Kimball, CFA

Starting a new business is not easy. Selecting a team to create and brand your efforts is not easy either. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), we live by strict professional standards; integrity or principles, behavior and process. It is rare to work with a business that mirrors and practices these values. Xylina SPC delivered above and beyond my expectations.

Xylina SPC took the time to listen to my needs and then put them into the words, charts and pictures that explain precisely who Pension CFO is. In my experience as a CFO and a business owner, it is rare to work with a team that genuinely works to capture what a business needs. We have all heard the phrase under-promise and over-deliver. Xylina SPC delivered on time, on budget and with exactly what they said they would. Their knowledge and ability made the experience seem simple and the results fulfilling.

In my experience, what’s rare is for a ‘numbers’ guy – to find ‘creatives’ where I can describe what I’m trying to say and have them come back with a look and feel (in colors, shapes and words) that matches exactly.

Michelle Smith

-Michelle Smith

I can’t say enough about Xylina SPC. They helped me with everything from building my brand to boosting my confidence. Best of all, they believe in me and my vision. When I needed something they didn’t do, they always knew someone who could. Their support made writing my book easy. They didn’t abandon me and always had my back.

Xylina SPC understands business. They are not afraid to say, “this isn’t what you want to do.” They are just as invested in my persona and business success as I am. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs business development and branding. They can provide a solid reality check for ideas, goals, and how to reach them.

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