Caregiver Archetype

Caregiver and Nurturer archetype

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Caregiver archetype

Caregiver archetype
The caregiver archetype is the most selfless archetype. They are filled with compassion and selfless action on behalf of others. 

They desire to care for and protect others, doing this above anything else. Like the Lover archetype, they have amazingly sensitive emotional antennae for other’s feelings and needs. These are the ones we all turn to when we need reassurance, advice or a caring heart. They have a reputation for being patient and steady, calm and cheerful in the middle of crises, and the ability to multitask effectively and efficiently. Their generosity inspires others to take action.

Caregiver Subtypes

Angel, guardian, Samaritan, saint, healer (intuitive, wounded), nurturer, humanitarian, counselor, fairy godmother/godfather, peacemaker (see everyman/everywoman) martyr (shadow archetype), mother, companion (sidekick, consort, friend, right arm), helper


Core Desire

Experience joy and fulfillment by helping others.

Your Goal

 Live in a world filled with love and compassion, where people take care of each other, their communities and the world.

Your Promise

“I will take care of you – you are not alone.”


Your Strategy

Doing things for others. Provide nurturing and protection for others.

Your Themes

Service to others & relationships. Compassion in action.

Your Life Lessons

Taking time out to take care of yourself. Finding others to help and support you. 


Power Words

Trust, safety, kindness, generosity, calm, confident, loyal, listening, reliable, respected, watchful, uplifting, simplicity, humbleness, honesty

Cultural Examples

Hera (Greek mythology), Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler (Schindler’s List movie), Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire movie), Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins books and movies), Mother Nature


Master Brand Models

Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Toms shoe brand, Kleenex tissues brand, Allstate insurance brand, Albert Schweitzer, Sesame Street TV series, Lands’ End, Campbell Soup, Concord Watch, Volvo, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Nordstrom


Your mottos

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Selflessness, generosity and empathy


Altruism, patience, compassion and generosity – the natural ability to give without expecting anything in return.


Never-ending desire to make things better for everyone, while not taking care of their own needs.

Your Fears

Selfishness, ingratitude, being taken advantage of.

Your Challenges

Becoming a martyr (shadow side) or taken advantage of. Inability to say no.

Your Shadow Side

Becoming the martyr. Stretching yourself too thin. Not able to accept from other people. Putting others wants and needs ahead of their own to their own detriment.

Your Brand Voice

Empathetic, caring, consistent, trustworthy, generous, approachable, attentive, organized, protective, sincere, soothing

Your Caregiver Customers

Caregiver customers care about others. They also expect you to deliver what you promise. Excellent customer service is a top priority for them. Sharing real-life stories about how your brand makes a difference, especially for charities and non-profit causes.

Your Customers Feel:

Protected and cared for. Safe. Appreciated. Part of your family or community. Empowered to reach out and help others. Taking care of others can be easier.