bright business intentions

Think beyond your business goals.

What is the audacious, bold, courageous outcome you want to create for your vision?

Why Audeo? Because you need clear, audacious intentions to create a powerful, lasting business outcome. Most importantly, you need to think beyond generic, run-of-the-mill business goals. The word "goal" is over-used and not understood as well as we all think. Audeo is Latin for intend, dare to act boldly, venture, risk; the root for some of the most interesting words in the English language. Words like audacious, courageous, bold, undaunted.

Begin your business venture boldly.

Audeo is the spirit connected to the beginning of any business venture. An audacious idea becomes the start of a business that takes off and becomes the next big thing! It’s a word that clearly describes the roller coaster of emotions and energy that make up the world of business. It is the beginning of creating something we are passionate about.

Create your vision to move forward.

First take stock of where you are; gather your ideas; and create a vision to move forward. These are some of the most important things any entrepreneur can do. This is audeo. Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

A few sentences ago, I mentioned the word business goal. We are encouraged to have them. Businesses are measured by them. The Cambridge Dictionary doesn’t even have its’ definition, an aim or purpose, as the first definition! The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English says, after once again searching past the sports references, it is something you hope to achieve in the future; aim.

Business says a goal is: An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe. Clearly the word goal is misunderstood. Most often it represents a future shrouded in the mists of possibility and a “more or less fixed timeframe.”

Set a powerful intention.

We all set goals — business goals, personal goals, lifetime goals and even goals that are big hairy audacious goals. We join groups to help ourselves be accountable. We have buddies who are supposed to hold our feet to the fire.

There are as many different types of goals as there are people to implement them. Google says there are 1.3 billion results for the query “How to set a business goal” — SMART goals, 3 steps to goal setting, 4 steps, 5 steps etc. The truth is we all have achieved goals… and yet, we don’t always succeed. Why? What do we need to do to change this?

Maybe we are asking the wrong question. Let’s ask something different. What is failure?

Google has over 550 million articles and definitions. Many — well over ¾’s of the definitions have some sort of statement about lack of success.

Audeo on the other hand is clear. Intent is a powerful thing. It is specific. Jon Norcross, a PhD and recognized specialist in behavior change says that intent is "a mental representation of a desired outcome that a person is committed to". Franklin Covey, in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says “Habit #2: Begin with the end in mind.”

Be honest with yourself. What is the audacious, bold, courageous business outcome you want to create? Get that picture firmly in your mind and then remember the advice of Moltke the Elder — No plan survives contact with the enemy. Strategy is a system of expedients. In other words, expect things to happen that are unexpected. Something we did to achieve a particular outcome didn’t work. Do we call a fisherman a failure because they haven’t caught a fish? Does a real fisherman stop? No. They change the bait.

There are more than enough books on how to set goals. In my opinion there are only a few steps to creating an intention.  

What is the business outcome you want to achieve?  Audeo! Risk, dare to act boldly, decide to commit to your dream.

Once your intentions are clear, next take actionable and clear steps to achieve your desired business outcome. Learn the art and science of "Attendo"  — planning and business strategy. 


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