A sound business strategy and plan will move your audacious vision forward.

Audeo is the first step, take charge, be bold and audacious as you create your business intent. Attendo is what happens next. Bend the mind. Take charge of your future and begin to build your business strategy and plan of attack.

First build your foundation to leap forward into action.

Attendo is much easier to understand in its Latin form. Attend has its roots in this Latin verb. Some other words and phrases are not quite as easily figured out. For instance, “bend the mind” and “stretch out” are both alternate meanings. Truth is we chose this word for these phrases not just because attend fit our idea of moving a business plan forward.

Start your business strategy with your destination in mind.

Next step? Look at the result of your audacious business intention. What is your intended result? Is it something that you can commit to? Is it so important that you will work hard to achieve it? Does it capture your attention? Is it hard? Easy? Worth your time?

Put it into a short statement. This should be only a FEW words. The shorter the better. Now, consider; is it what you mean? Does it state your final destination clearly and directly? Can you picture it in your mind's eye? Build a picture of it in your head. Is this what you want?

Now start to think about all the ways this idea could go sideways. Write them down as you come up with them. Consider “what is the worst that can happen”. Play the “what if” game while imagining how each scenario can affect the outcome of your intent. What if I had…? What if I did…? What if this happened? If you are still committed to this bold idea after imagining all the worst-case possibilities, you are ready to apply attendo.

Build a business strategy and plan of action

Consider where you are now.

Bend your thoughts and start to write down what has to change to reach your new desired business state. It could be a simple idea like I want to double my client base. It could be a complex idea like I want to create this new product even though I don’t have the time or money to do so. You might want to break into a new market, gain different clients or compete head to head with a much larger competitor.

Keep your vision of success firmly in mind as you plan for the obstacles defined during your “what if” visioning. Bend your mind, think outside the box and create a plan for success. Begin with where you are now and compare it to where you will be once you have reached your final destination. Between where you are and where you will be when you reach your ideal is the gap that needs to be crossed.

Re-think your business strategy and plan.

Have you covered all the “what if” scenarios that are possible? Probably not! This is to be expected. You are not a fortune teller just a good business person. Being prepared means accepting that there will be times as you move toward your vision where you will meet an obstacle you didn’t plan for. That’s ok. This is where your dedication to your final destination truly means something. Opportunity often comes wrapped in surprise and spectacular failure. Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

You are not guaranteed an easy path to reach your audacious goal. It would be unusual if you didn’t run into roadblocks.  So, what now? Re-evaluate. Is this what you want? What is the worst that can happen? Create new “what if” scenarios. Compare where you are currently with where you will be. Look at the gap. Does it cover the new “what ifs”? Are you going in the right direction? Is there an option you aren’t considering? Revise your action plan. Start again.

Attendo! Attend, bend the mind, stretch out.

Once you have formulated your business strategy and mapped out your plan of action, it's time for you to turn your intent into reality. Make sure that you are prepared for take-off before you soar — ASCENDO!


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