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Achieve Entrepreneurial Success Your Way

Ascendo. Your ultimate success comes through:

  1. having your vision firmly established in your mind’s eye (Audeo = intention)
  2. getting your plan of action laid out (Attendo = bend the mind, attend)
  3. taking the final steps (Ascendo = ascend, stand firm, soar). You are ready to take the path less traveled and boldly go where no human has gone before.

Ascendo is a fairly easy word to understand. Ascend has its roots in ascendo. Stand firm is also part of ascendo. The time has come to put your audacious vision into action. Remember in our discussion of attendo when we talked about beginning with the destination, the result, and working backward to create a plan?  You are at the beginning of your journey toward your vision. Now the fun starts.

Remember Moltke the Elder? “No plan survives contact with the enemy. Strategy is a system of expedients.” With your plan in motion, you will be both working on your business and in your business at the same time. This is why it is so important to spend quality time on your plans.

Business success comes from looking forward and backwards at the same time.

The vision of your result needs to be clear. When things happen that can change your path to your vision, you must move to put yourself back on course. Standing firm means keeping your vision in your mind (working on your business) while adjusting the plan to meet the details of reality (working in your business). You must be ready and agile.

When you started on your quest, you created a list of “what if” scenarios. When your plans need a boost, take a look at these possible outcomes and your responses. Why did you think this could be a possible block? Was your current impasse on your “what-if” list? Put this into the framework of the Gap/Fit and start thinking of what needs to happen to move forward, around, behind, or any other direction that will carry you to your vision. This won’t be the only time you do this. Keeping your eyes on the final picture while recreating your map is one of the most exciting parts of being in charge of your destiny.

While you are creating another path to your future, it is important you take a look at where you came from. The view back toward your starting point can offer you tremendous satisfaction, reminding you of your roots and why you chose this path in the first place. Spend time on new “what if” possibilities.

What does business success mean to you?

Finally, take a look at your vision. Has it changed? Do you want to add something to it? Update it? Does it still speak to you? Is it enough? This question comes with a warning. As an entrepreneur and business owner, the chances are it won’t be enough. You’ll want more. This can be dangerous.

There’s nothing in the “Business Owners How-to Guide” that says you can’t work on more than one vision at a time. Large corporations do this all the time. This begs the question – Are you a large corporation? Do you have the manpower to split your company’s focus? Can this wait? Can it be folded into your current vision? Is it time-sensitive? My advice? Stand firm. Don’t let an idea you haven’t looked at in-depth derail you from your purpose.

Ascendo – Stand firm. Keep your vision in your sights and move forward toward it. When you get there you will be able to adjust, add a new vision, or even change your entire vision. You will have reached your target, gained new skills, and be even more formidable in your pursuit of new and exciting potential.

Audeo – Dare; Attendo – Bend the Mind; Ascendo – Stand Firm. This is the essence of Xylina SPC, our DNA if you will. We want to help you create your vision and grow as an individual and as a business; intend – attend – ascend. AudeoAttendoAscendo.

Take bold steps to build a successful future for you and your business.


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