Brand archetype post 3

Use your unique brand archetype blend or mix to build a strong brand formula

If you are unfamiliar with brand archetypes, start by reading our archetypes blog series to understand what archetypes are, and how to best use them. When used consistently, your unique brand archetype blend will become one of your most powerful marketing and business allies.


Caregiver archetype

The caregiver archetype is the most selfless archetype. They are filled with compassion and selfless action on behalf of others.

Creator archetype

The creative archetype thrives on bringing inspiration to life. This archetype is artistic and inventive, with a passionate need for self-expression.

Everywoman archetype

The everywoman | everyman archetype is realistic and practical. These community "do-gooders" are empathetic, practical and resilient.

Explorer archetype

The Explorer archetype is the intrepid adventurer. They crave learning and growing through exploring and discovering the world and beyond.

Heroine archetype

The Hero or Heroine archetype thrives on challenges. They are mission-driven to achieve. They are not likely to back down when it comes to fighting to protect themselves and others, or leading crusades to make a difference in the world.

Innocent archetype

The Innocent or Idealist archetypes are the unstoppable do-gooders who move through life in a trusting, childlike manner that always looks on the bright side.

Jester archetype

The Jester archetype thrives on finding the joy and fun in life. They love sharing sly jokes and poking fun at life’s absurdities, and use humor and fun to lighten everyone up.

Lover archetype

The Lover archetype is motivated to attract, give and receive all kinds of life-affirming love. They are the ones that “go for the gusto” – life is lived with great passion, sensuality and appreciation of beauty, or it is not worth living at all.

Magician archetype

The Magician archetype is a powerful catalyst for change and transformation. The Magician archetype believes that reality is determined by a person’s thoughts and beliefs, and anything is possible.

Rebel archetype

The Rebel archetype lives to challenge the status quo and break a few rules along the way. The Rebel archetype thrives on independence and the freedom to do things their way.

Ruler archetype

The Ruler archetype knows that the best way to avert chaos is to take control. Rulers are practical and politically savvy realists who demonstrate expertise, ability to lead and delegate.

Sage archetype

Sage archetypes are the world’s information sources. Sage archetypes love studying and understanding how everything works, and then sharing that knowledge with others.