8 Tips to get more out of your customer personas

The ultimate goal of marketing is to make long-term connections that grow into loyal customers and create revenue. 

Begin with the end in mind. By understanding your ideal clients and how they think and feel, you can build honest, authentic connections with them. Here are some tips on how you can use your customer personas:

1. Personalize your product and service offerings to speak directly to your customer’s wants and needs.

You now know your customer’s pain points and biggest dreams. Use this information to create the perfect, irresistible offer they can’t refuse. Better yet, you can come up with several different offers or promotions and test them to see what works best and eliminate what doesn’t.

2. Reallocate your advertising budget and time spent on social media.

Based on your persona research, you now know where your customers like to hang out. Audit and reallocate your advertising and social media promotions to where your customers spend their time. Cut the waste out by focusing on where your customers are, and how they like to connect with you. (FaceBook ads, paid search, retargeting campaigns, email drip campaigns, special offer postcards, and newsletter special promotions are a few effective tactics that come to mind.)

3. Speak your customer’s language.

Once you know how the people in your various persona groups like to communicate, start talking with them in a way that is natural to them! You have a deep understanding of how they like to communicate and interact. Use their lingo to build trustworthy, authentic relationships.

4. Segment your customer lists and offers by customer personas.

Here’s where all your hard work really pays off. You can now create more personalized and meaningful marketing campaigns and special offers that will appeal to your specific target audience. If moms-to-be are one of your best target audiences, tailor your products and services, marketing messages and activities to meet their specific needs. These might include promotions of cute baby and mommy gear, prenatal supplements and nutritional classes, yoga classes for expecting moms, personal pampering and so on.

5. Create your content with a specific persona in mind.

Going through all the hard work of building a customer persona gives you super x-ray vision into what your best customers like and need, and what they struggle with. You can now write blog posts and other marketing content such as ebooks and videos to share your expertise in solving these problems. Once you have segmented your customer lists by persona groups as mentioned in #4, it is easier to share your content with people you know will be interested in it!

6. Use your customer’s buying journey to identify content and activity gaps and brainstorm new marketing content and activities.

Use your customer’s buying journey map to audit your marketing content and activities. You can identify where you have gaps that you need to fill. This way you get the right content to your target audience at the right time.

7. Use your customer personas to personalize your website content and user experience.

With a dynamic website, you can present different content and messaging to your audience based on the customer persona group that is the appropriate fit for your visitor. You can also use your customers to create personalized, engaging email campaigns and landing pages for the special offers you developed in #1.

8. Build customized referral programs and business networks to expand your own marketing efforts.

Use your customer personas to identify and evaluate potential referral partners and activities.  By working with other businesses that your customer personas are already engaged with, you can expand your own marketing universe and boost your ability to attract new customers. The right referral partner can add credibility to your business, while reducing the amount of time and resources it takes to market if you had to do it all by yourself. You can also use your personas to evaluate business networking groups and professional organizations to pin-point the ones that are the best fit for you.

Maja Haloway

As a director at Xylina, Maja helps clients find their ideal audience and connect to them through the right branding, messaging and marketing channels. Maja holds an MBA degree from St. Thomas University. She can be found at marketing, entrepreneur or techie-related meetups in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area.

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