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Achieve clarity, focus and direction. Get past the obstacles that are blocking your way.

Find your voice and bring your brand to life!

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Knowledge. Dedication. Perspective.

Proven experience is our wheelhouse. We are knowledgeable, and our background vast and varied. Xylina SPC is home to two battle-tested warriors with enough wisdom to know how to help your business and enough perspective to see the truth.

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Do you have an idea that you think is perfect but would like an outside opinion and some strategic help?

Getting help is a sign of wisdom. Deciding to apply what you learn is totally up to you. We’ll tell you what we think without pulling any punches. We ask the tough questions and give practical and straightforward answers to complex challenges.

Has your business taken off and needs an owner who “works on the business, not in it?”

Every business owner faces this rite of passage. Are you having fun creating products or being the person with the answers your clients need? Can you read a P&L? Would you prefer to have someone do this for you?

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What about marketing? Are you looking to brand your business? Do you know where your clients seek your help and how to reach them?

Do you know who your preferred client is? Branding is more than just a pretty website and a few colors. Getting your clients to reach out to you is just part of how marketing and branding represent your thoughts and ideas.

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Attitude. Connections. Experience.

We exist to offer our hard-won experience to you. What you do with it is your business, literally. We don’t waste time, yours or ours. We aren’t free, but then you aren’t either. We offer the very best we have. You do too. 

Do you want to do business with a firm that knows what they’re doing, with a long list of victories and a deep dedication to our clients? Set up your complimentary session. Let’s find out if we offer what you’re looking for.


XYLINA SPC is now certified by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). We also are registered in the U.S. Federal SAM database. We are currently working towards our SBA certifications.

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We've been where you are.  

We started our business to share our skills and experience to create social good and promote social responsibility. 

We believe in the deep potential that comes with a community focused on the success of every member.  

We bring innovation, collaboration and a dazzling sprinkle or three of entrepreneurial magic into the world. 

We want to help build and support organizations who are committed to achieving business success and sustainability - who care about their employees, partners, communities and the very planet herself.  

This social network connects us all through the fabric of communities and culture with the guidance of business and community elders who use their experience to help connect and empower businesses, NGOs and government agencies to clarify their vision and implement sound strategies.

Xylina is a Social Purpose Corporation. We Are a nationally certified, woman-owned business. we Have over seventy years of collective experience Helping Organizations Achieve Sustainability.


Build clarity.

Find focus.

Move your vision forward. 

Set up your no-charge, complimentary strategy and roadblock-removal session now. 

Our mission is to help people move their businesses and visions forward with joy and purpose and achieve their dreams. We know you have it in you!