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Are you having fun yet on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Move forward!


Bring your big, audacious idea to life. 

Grow your vision into reality. 

Soar confidently into new directions and adventures.

Find clarity, focus and direction. Achieve your entrepreneurial vision. Get past the obstacles and roadblocks that are blocking your way. Connect with kindred spirits and supportive communities. Find your voice and bring your brand to life!

What we do

Xylina has only one wish for you – Audeo, Attendo, Ascendo.

Grab your future by the hand, apply what you know, and take advantage of the skills we have to offer. The truth is you KNOW what you want. Don't leave your business to chance. JOIN us! 

Our bottom line: Xylina helps social entrepreneurs empower their vision to create healthy, socially conscious businesses that support their employees and our planet while earning a profit. 

Xylina [zī-leen'-a] Noun 

a) A registered social purpose corporation dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs achieve their business goals through the use of business strategy and tactics; marketing and branding 

b) An enterprise engaged in teaching social entrepreneurs how to : 

  • identify and clarify their vision and purpose (audeo) 
  • nurture their idea and grow it to maturity (attendo) 
  • take the sustainable, healthy idea and share the harvest – grow offspring (ascendo)

c) A society where entrepreneurs gather to support each other as we work to: 

  • integrate goals, strategies and success creating a cohesive energy that supports the community as a whole and creates opportunity for others.

What the heck is Audeo, Attendo Ascendo; and why should I care?


Audeo – Intend – Dare to act boldly – Venture – Risk

Audeo is the beginning of moving forward. Take stock of where you are; gather your business ideas (Risk); and create a vision to move forward (Intent). These are some of the most important things any entrepreneur does.

How do you know where to go and how to get there if you don’t know where you are?

Our assessment processes will give you the information you need to make decisions and move forward with confidence. Dare to act boldly. (Audeo)


Attendo – Attend – Bend the mind – Apply

Once you have evaluated where you are and where you want to go (Audeo), moving forward becomes much easier. Your task is to create a solid, sustainable yet flexible action plan and find the path to make it happen.

Do you want to open new markets? Create a new product? Become international?

This is where planning and the right approach can make all the difference. Xylina SPC will apply our expertise to help you create an Action Plan to bring your vision to life. (Attendo)


Ascendo – Rise – Stand firm – Soar

With the first two steps out of the way, implementing your plan becomes your focus. With a firm grip on your vision (audeo), you apply the plan (attendo), and move firmly into the future, confident in your abilities to master this new phase of your business (ascendo).

Xylina SPC will be there to help you with our unique abilities to assist you manage the ups and downs of your vision, plan and implementation. (Ascendo)

why we do it

We've been where you are.  

We started our business for the same reason you did! We knew there was a better way and we wanted to share our skills and experience to create social good and promote social responsibility.

We believe in the deep potential that comes with a community focused on the success of every member.  

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

We bring innovation, collaboration and a dazzling sprinkle or three of entrepreneurial magic into the world. 

Let's face it. The business world is relatively drab with tired, outdated systems that no longer work. You can choose another way! Add color, diversity, and yes, fun. This is your adventure. Embrace it!

 We want to help build and support a new and powerful system of social entrepreneurs who care about their employees and other businesses where they partner to care for their families, business associates, communities and the very planet herself.  

This social network connects us all through the fabric of communities and culture with the guidance of business and community elders who use their experience to help connect and empower entrepreneurs to clarify their vision; the spark and idea that drives them forward. 

Xylina is a Social Purpose Corporation. We Are a woman-owned business, with over seventy years of collective experience. We embody social entrepreneurship through personal diversity; giving back to the community; mentoring and thoughtful stewardship. We work together in a spirit of shared experience to create positive change.

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels


What they say

Michelle Smith



I can’t say enough about Xylina SPC. They helped me with everything from building my brand to boosting my confidence. Best of all, they believe in me and my vision. When I needed something they didn’t do, they always knew someone who could. Their support made writing my book easy. They didn’t abandon me and always had my back.

Xylina SPC understands business. They are not afraid to say, “this isn’t what you want to do.” They are just as invested in my persona and business success as I am. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs business development and branding. They can provide a solid reality check for ideas, goals, and how to reach them.

Michelle Smith

Recovery is the New Black

Sober Mom Squad

Pension CFO symbol



In my experience, what’s rare is for a ‘numbers’ guy – to find ‘creatives’ where I can describe what I’m trying to say and have them come back with a look and feel (in colors, shapes and words) that matches exactly.

Selecting a team to create and brand your efforts is not easy. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), we live by strict professional standards, integrity or principles, behavior, and process. It is rare to work with a business that mirrors and practices these values. Xylina SPC delivered above and beyond my expectations.

Sloan Kimball, Managing Partner

Pension CFO



Build clarity.

Find focus.

Move your vision forward. 

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Our mission is to help people move their businesses and visions forward with joy and purpose and achieve their dreams. We know you have it in you!